Timber vs. Laminate Flooring

If you’re looking to renovate or building a new home, a big question that needs answering is what type of material will you be using for your flooring.

Carpet, tiles, laminate, timber – there are so many different options, each with their own unique set of pros and cons. One of the more prestigious types of flooring is definitely hardwood timber due to its aesthetic beauty and timeless appearance. However, could the low price of a laminate make it more attractive? We look at some of the pros and cons of timber vs laminate flooring.

Why You Should Use Timber For Your Flooring

There are a number of different factors to consider when choosing laminate or timber flooring. While laminate is typically associated with being the more cost effective option, there are a number of pros of hardwood timber that far outweigh the laminate counterpart.


One of the most notable benefits of hardwood timber flooring over laminate is the durability of the natural material. If properly cared for and maintained, hardwood flooring can last as long as the building itself. Further to this, hardwood timber flooring can be sanded and refurbished throughout its lifetime to maintain appearance or to simply match changes in fashion. Alternatively, laminate floors do not repair easily and must be replaced if damage occurs.

Natural and Renewable Material

Utilising timber for flooring is a much more eco-friendly alternative to its counterparts. It is a 100% renewable resource with low embodied energy. When sourced from controlled plantations, the new, growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the carbon absorbed remains trapped in the wood even when used for flooring. Moreover the production of timber hardwood uses far less energy to create – compared with other building materials.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

The sheer convenience in terms of cleaning and maintenance of timber flooring alone is enough of a reason to install genuine hardwood flooring. It doesn’t stain, doesn’t retain odours and doesn’t harbour dust mites or other allergens.

Visually Stunning

Of course of the biggest pros to having genuine hardwood timber flooring is the striking beauty. Much like any other timber product within your home, timber flooring imbues warmth and depth throughout a property and only ever adds to the aesthetics of a space. Timber flooring is also a great way to integrate the natural surroundings into your property.

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