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Our Difference

ASH differ from the average sawmill in that we value quality and innovation with a need to streamline the manufacturing process for our partners. Because we have 4 separate manufacturing operations on site, we know what to look for in quality timber and produce the best conditions for it. Our process has been designed to get the most from regrowth harvest and maximise efficiency and quality in a safe manner.

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A well managed timber source is arguably the most environmentally friendly building product available. On a holistic level, our GoodWood Victorian Ash is one of the best once you include carbon sequestration, life cycle analysis, harvesting and regeneration.

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Health and Safety

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) meet requirements of AS4801 and ISO14001 section 4.4.4.

The Environmental and Safety Management systems described in this and related documents applies to activities associated with ASH’s operations in Heyfield over which ASH has control or influence.

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Quality Assurance

Each processing operation within Australian Sustainable Hardwoods is managed by long term, highly skilled wood manufacturers who pride themselves on quality and best practise.

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Here is where you can read in detail about our species mix, working properties and timber characteristics such as density, stability and fire data.

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The GoodWood logo represents our promise to supply environmentally sustainable and socially responsible timber, high in quality, straight and stable. It is available in large volumes every month (not just from time to time) and in the whole size and length range required from every segment of the building industry.

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Key Benefits

Only third party certified regrowth Victorian Ash sawlogs are used in manufacturing natural timber products. The high quality resource, highly trained and dedicated staff, unique straight line process and modern facilities ensure products of the highest quality.

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Product Versatility

Our GoodWood Victorian ash is arguably the most versatile timber you will find. It can be used inside or out (refer for external use) for floor and wall coverings, furniture, windows and doors, staircase construction, decking and pergolas, claddings and structural components to name a few.

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Tasmanian Oak can be one of E. Regans, E. Delegatensis & E. Obliqua (Mountain Ash, Alpine Ash & Messmate). This mix of hardwood species ranges from straw blonde to pale and dark pink through to chocolate blonde. The younger growth tends to be lighter in colour while the older trees can be darker across the spectrum. This is what gives Tasmanian Oak hardwood the larger variation in colour.

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