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MASSLAM – your mass timber solution.


MASSLAM is Australian Sustainable Hardwoods’ (ASH) range of mass timber solutions. Grown, owned and produced in Victoria, MASSLAM is a range of glue-laminated timber systems (including columns, beams and floors); intended for large domestic and commercial structures; designed and manufactured for assembly.

MASSLAM has advantages that allow longer spans, higher ceilings, increased floor space, lesser beam depth and lower associated installation costs. Better still, MASSLAM is cheaper to construct than concrete and steel, looks better, is safe, sustainable and efficient.

Using Australian made and superior strength timber, our glulam offers additional benefits compared to all other mass timber options worldwide. Learn more about MASSLAM here.

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How do I buy MASSLAM?

Great to hear you’re interested in our MASSLAM system. To discuss your project with a MASSLAM specialist, contact us here.

Why choose glulam?

Sustainable timber is the building material of the 21st century. Glue laminated timber is the preferred choice for mass timber construction for the following reasons:

It has low embodied energy in production
It stores carbon within wood fibre
It is renewable, sustainable
It has one of the best performing Life Cycle Assessments (LCA’s) of all building materials; and
It has a fantastic Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which subsequently helps to achieve Green Star points
The construction sector is said to be responsible for 18.1% of Australia’s carbon emissions. When this type of wood is used to replace building materials of high embodied energy, such as concrete and steel, it can help beat Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions targets.

This choice of timber is also lighter in weight, which translates to cost, solution and time benefits.
Every cubic metre of our glulam is better than carbon neutral with approximately 320 kg of stored carbon as opposed to a negative embodied energy output in alternate products.

Timber can be cut, drilled, docked or worked easily on site and can be installed by regular trades. What’s more, timber is aesthetically appealing and creates a more inviting and relaxing workplace. A structure with expressed timber elements is both a point of difference and a competitive advantage.

Glulam or cross laminated timber? 

Glulam, GLH or GLT offer advantages over Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in many applications yet compliments CLT in others. Together, they make a great team.

A glue laminated timber beam and post ‘grid’ offers open plan design options for applications such as offices and commercial buildings. In these scenarios, laminated hardwood beams and posts are used as supporting grids that incorporate cassettes, CLT or glulam floors. The open plan design of a grid system allows partition walls to be constructed and/or removed when required and, best of all, is cheaper to construct because it has less volume of timber. This can be a desirable alternative to the static ‘honeycomb’ system most employed in CLT systems where large, cross-laminated timber panels become load-bearing walls and are fixed in position to make a closed-plan design.

Our laminated timber beams and posts are constructed using Australian hardwood or softwood. This adds to a building’s beauty and strength. The hardwoods have linear, quarter-sawn grain for stability, no knots, and are naturally blonde in colour to deliver a stunning appearance. They can be painted or stained to match your design requirements, or they can simply be used as strong, structural members, hidden behind plasterboard if you choose to only take advantage of their strength.

Is mass timber sustainable?

‘MASSLAM’ is created using regrowth hardwood and plantation pine from third party audited, certified sustainable resources. A detailed pack of sustainability information can be viewed here.

How strong is MASSLAM?

The ‘MASSLAM’ POST & BEAM range of glulam members have some of the strongest strength characteristics of all ‘mass-timber’ options worldwide. They are made using the sustainably harvested, Australian timbers – Victorian ash, Mountain Grey Gum and Radiata Pine

Victorian ash has one of the best strength to weight ratios of all known timbers. When glue laminated, these members exceed strength characteristics of GL45 (using the equivalent of EN14080:2013 – Timber structures. Glued laminated timber and glued solid timber). Otherwise known as GL18s (as according to AS1720.1:2010 – Timber Structures).

The strength to weight ratio of timber exceeds concrete and steel. When comparing beams of a similar strength, a glulam member is four-fifths the weight of steel and one-sixth the weight of concrete.

The strength rating of each timber species is determined by its known strength properties, fibrous makeup and by limiting the number of inherent strength weakening characteristics such as gum vein and/or gum pockets. The glue laminating process of ‘MASSLAM’ counterbalances these characteristics and strengthens its performance, thus reducing the ‘bell curve’ in destructive tests.

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