Community Trade Day

Here’s your chance to buy local hardwood direct!

The Retail and Trade Sales Day will be held on the first Saturday of EVERY month. The next trade day is:
Sat 9th of December 2017, 8:00am – 12noon ***<<< new date***
Located at our manufacturing facility on Weir Road, Heyfield.
Cash and card only!
The BBQ is back! Enjoy a bacon & egg roll or sausage in bread while browsing our trade day.

Sale items and specials listed below. Stock list may vary:

SIZE Product description Volume PRICE (includes GST)
190×15 Engineered pre finished flooring 2.89m2 $88.00/m2 (now $80)
Kindling 8kg $9.90/bag (now $5)
136×33 Door frame kits inlcludes 163×42 door sill 7 sets $99.00/set (now $80)
105×19 Iron Ash H3 Shiplap Cladding 30@5.4m $1270/pack (NOW $999)
Kiln dried Slab Bar tops 5@3.6m $132/each (NOW $120)
95×12 std grade VJ Lining 280 lm’s $900/pack (now $600)
495×19 Alpine oak panels 11@3.6 $165/each (NOW $150)
105×19 Iron Ash H3 Shiplap Cladding 95.2lm’s $750/pack (NOW $550)
112×19 Paint grade d/jamb sets 2×2.4m,1x825mm 30 sets $30 per set (NOW $25 a set)
120×19 Iron ash shiplap cladding f/j (old profile) 264 lm’s $1100/pack (now $990)
90×90 Table Legs select grade 30@1.2m $45/each (NOW $35)
90×90 Table Legs select grade 30@0.9m $34/each (NOW $25)
90×90 Coffee Table Legs 30@500mm $18/each (NOW $15)
65×19 Bull nose architrave – No Frog in back 66 lm’s $199/pack (NOW $150)
385×33 Utility shelving 8@5.4 $65/each
90×19 Iron ASH decking FJ 5.4m 20@5.4 $570/pack
90×19 Iron ASH decking FJ 5.4m 50@5.4m $1415/pack
65×65 Select table legs 0.9m $12.00/ each
65×65 Select table legs 1.2m $15.00/each
641×33 Bench tops Vic Ash STD 5@2.4m $140/each
300×66 Alpine Oak work bench tops 5@2.0m $95/each
75×38 Sawn Merch “Farmers packs” Random $550/pack
75×50 Sawn Merch “Farmers packs” Random $550/pack
100×38 Sawn Merch “Farmers packs” Random $550/pack
100×50 Sawn Merch “Farmers packs” Random $550/pack
50×25 Green- used for screens, fence droppers etc. 300 lm’s $150/pack
285×43 Stair treads std grade Laminated 42@0.93m $34/each
600×26 Bench tops Alpine Oak 10@1.8m $60/each
641×33 Bench tops Vic Ash select 9@1.8m $130/each
90×45 F17  solid structural beams 90 at 3.9m $25/each
85×19 Pallet/packaging Approx 250m $200/pack
90×35 F17 Studs 102@2.65m $12/each
65/90×32 Mixed Merch Dar 180 lm’s $250/pack
480×33 Bench tops utility 7@1.8m $50/each
427×19 Std grade panels/potential serving boards 50@0.72m $22/each
712×33 F17 panels 0.6 to 1.6m $32 per metre
285×43 Chopping boards $5.50/each
480×65 Select bar tops 4@4.8m $266/each
90×45 Utility framing studs 70@2.7m $250/pack
720×33 laminated table tops 7@1.8m $120/each
mixed size 175×38, 140×38 and 120×35 merch 97 lm’s $300/pack
900×33 Utility table tops 10@2.4m $120/each
163×42 Window sill 35.1lm’s $150/pack
90×90 Select posts or table legs – FJ Lam 43.1m $1500/pack
285×43 Std stair treads (3 lam) 5@1.2 & 1@1.8 $230/pack
133×19 Flooring F17 grade 252 lm’s $1200/pack
285×43 Standard stair treads (4 lam) 8@1.2m $45/each
410×70 Laminated posts STD grade 3@1.5m $90/each
65×32 pencil round utility 156 lm’s $365/pack
120×12 Utility F/J lining V joint 22@5.4m $199/pack
600×33 f/j lam utility 9@2.4 $60each
110×12 Shiplap Lining std 396.1 lm’s $1850/pack
133×12 Supa17 V JOINT Lining 279.3 lm’s $1600/pack
70×19 Iron Ash decking 48@5.4m $1050/pack
290×70 Chunky lam stair treads 27@1.5 $60/each
1800×1200 Iron Ash H3 outdoor Screens $99/each
1800×600 Iron Ash H3 outdoor Screens $50/each
756×26 Utility panels 10@1.8m $50/each
240×45 Supalam F17 beams 4.2m $85/each


For more information regarding this sales day, call the enquiry line on 03 5139 7070.

To view projects using our timber, visit the gallery here.