Dig Less and build a better deck with SUPASPAN

By November 16, 2015 December 12th, 2018 News page

Whether you’re looking to increase storage under your deck or you just want to dig half of the holes, SUPASPAN bearers and joists deliver quality and time savings.

Conventional methods to building a deck on the east coast will have you thinking that there are only 3 choices for your sub decking material – treated pine, F17 and F27.  They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Pine is notoriously bendy, soft, has low nail retention and doesn’t span far. F17 is typically class 3 durability above ground where as F27 is short, expensive, heavy and warped – the choices aren’t great…

So why does the country that loves their decking not have a better answer? We invest so heavily into our hardwood decking timbers by spending tens of thousands on the decking alone and then fix them to a low cost joist to save $300.00… it doesn’t make sense. Pine has in-sufficient holding strength for a hardwood that wants to move with climatic variations.

The new IRON ASH treatment in the SUPASPAN range is the answer.

IRON ASH is the trading name for a water-based, clear H3 treatment that gets deep into SUPASPAN F17 structural timbers like never before – allowing you to create a strong and robust bearer and joist for your much valued deck. The IRON ASH range of F17 products are available in ‘gun barrel’ straight boards that are available up to 7.2m in set lengths. In fact, we conducted a test on a rectangular shaped deck of 4.8m x 7.2m above 1.0m from the ground. The IRON ASH F17 deck required only 16 stumps compared to its treated pine counterpart which could need up to 35. The benefit to the builder is obvious but the home owner gains a stronger holding substrate for the deck and more space for storage below.


Image above of MPavillion with IRON ASH 90 x 45 F17 joists below. Image by John Gollings. Designed by Amanda Levete of AL_A. Built by Kane Constructions. Supplied by Britton Timbers for the Naomi Milgrom Foundation.

The additional span created from IRON ASH F17 greatly reduces the amount of timber needed for your bearers and joists so at nearly double the individual board cost of treated pine, each project cost will be very similar – making the decision a ‘no-brainer’ for those looking to treat their decking asset with the respect it deserves.

Take the challenge – enquire about IRON ASH F17 span tables and specify IRON ASH F17 in your next deck. Your builders and clients might not thank you for it, but they certainly won’t complain.