Should you be concerned about your structural product meeting Australian Standards? Maybe, but not if you choose products produced by Australian Sustainable Hardwoods.

The Glue Laminated Timber Association of Australia (GLTAA) have posted a warning about the distribution of some finger jointed only products that do not meet Australian requirements.
All of our finger jointed structural products are laminated and pass with flying colours!

The article references AS/NZS1328 “Glued Laminated Structural Timber” and AS5068 “Timber – Finger joints in structural products – Production requirements”.

It goes on to say that in order to comply with Australian Standards AS/NZ AS/NZS1328, AS 5058, or AS/NZS 8008, amongst other tests, “the manufacturer must conduct daily quality control testing of structural properties and bond quality” and “operate an in-house production quality control programme.
In addition to this, AS/NZS 8008 requires that every finger joint be verified by proof testing, except in products which are clearly marked as being for vertical stud use only.”

The ASH structural range is quality assured and exceeds requirements. This goes for our solid structural material and also our finger jointed structural range “SUPASPAN” which is always laminated unless for studs. Both our SUPALAM, SUPACHORD and SUPA17 structural beams are third party audited and our finger jointed and laminated beams are approved by the GLTAA.