Before Matt McClelland’s wife Anne died six years ago, they’d been looking for a rural property to build on – a place to call home for them and for their four adult children to come to visit. So when Matt stumbled across 40 acres in central Victoria with spectacular views to Mt Alexander’s granite hill side, he knew he’d found the spot.

Valley Windows have long been in partnership with Australian Sustainable Hardwoods as a manufacturer and distributor of quality GoodWood branded Victorian Ash Windows. Situated a short drive away from the Heyfield operation in Morewell, they are privileged with space and quality machinery.

Valley Windows are no stranger to building quality windows for the tough Australian climate so when they were asked to produce windows for Matt McClellands new home on the other side of Victoria, GoodWood branded Victorian Ash was the obvious choice.

Featuring on season 5, episode 10 of Grand Designs Australia is this charming ode to the Australian shed which really takes advantage of the multiple uses of Victorian ash.
From glue Laminated structural beams to flooring, windows and doors; Australias premium multi-use hardwood is put to work.

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