Ironash Timber: The Perfect Exterior Solution

IronAsh uses innovative technology to combine a transparent combination of water based additives deep into the core of GoodWood Victorian Ash. Suitable for external use, IronAsh includes a range of profiles for cladding, battens, pergolas and more.


Treated to H3 classification, IronAsh can be used externally in partnership with GoodWood Victorian Ash to allow continuous flow of timber design from inside to out.

IronAsh is a great choice to finish the project. It can be easily cut, stained and painted on site. The IronAsh range offers an affordable timber choice that is stable, readily available and complies with AS1604 Specification for Preservative Treatment.

Iron Ash Battens & Screening

timber battens in the backyard

Timber battens, otherwise known as screen boards, offer an aesthetically appealing and cost effective solution to climate control, privacy and added security. IRON ASH timber battens create a modern, clean external façade ideal for both commercial and residential projects. They can also be seamlessly integrated internally throughout a property, creating a visually striking feature.

Blonde, strong and hard wearing.

Available in random length longs or set length finger jointed of 5.4m.

32mm Profiles


42mm Profiles


Iron Ash Cladding

Available in random length longs or finger joined set length 5.4m lengths.

Standard grade.

19mm Profiles


Iron Ash Sub decking

A strong, straight and long option for bearers and joists with double the nail holding ability of treated pine.
Available in random length longs or set length up to 7.2m.
A deck of 4800 x 7200mm at 1.0m and above using IronAsh bearers and joists can require only 15 stumps as compared to an F7 treated pine which can require up to 35 stumps. The cost of material for each product is similar but the difference is clear. Not only will this save a day in labour but a hardwood joist has double the nail holding ability of treated pine which ensures the quality of your deck for years to come.

70mm Profiles

45mm Profiles

SUPASPAN Victorian ash SUPA17 profiles

35mm Profiles

Iron Ash Pergolas


A beautiful timber that can be stained or painted.
Available in structural grade only (SUPA17 / SUPALAM 17).
Stronger and longer span than alternatives with smaller end sections.
Laminated pergola material is available in random length longs or set lengths up to 7.2m.

45mm Profiles

35mm Profiles

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