For the Manufacturer

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods offer the entire size range of sawn and dressed timbers and can laminate, finger joint or reprocess larger, smaller, longer and shorter options upon request.

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Here at ASH, we see the manufacturing sector as an integral part of the solutions we offer. The production of windows, doors, stairs, furniture and cabinetry combined with our building materials and coverings provides an unbeatable package of continuous flow throughout a home or project. With that in mind, our investment in machinery has been tailored to provide your manufacturing sector the timber that you want, in the way that you need.

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods offer the entire size range of sawn and dressed timbers and can laminate, finger joint or reprocess larger, smaller, longer and shorter options upon request. Our product is available throughout distribution networks in Australia and the world. It is straight line edged after drying and has minimal ‘pinks’ compared to other Victorian ash.


Our timber is quarter sawn from 2 identical species into slab and allowed to slowly air dry. Quarter sawing timber is the most stable form of timber possible and is one of the differences that make GoodWood Victorian Ash so predictable.

All timber is dried to a target of 10-12% which is determined by the timber – not time constraints. Each rack of timber is carefully air dried to prepare it for reconditioning and then kiln drying. Data cables connected between the timber and computers feed information into our software which control the environment in each chamber until the timber hits 10%. Then, and only then, will the timber be removed.

All timber is gauged to a consistent thickness (not thick or thin), scanned for internal defects, straight line edged to create a dead straight board and then graded to select, standard, structural or Merch grades. Our products do not need to be ripped to width by the manufacturer. These are some of the reasons why our rough sawn timber is the preference of manufacturing professionals – but it goes further. We add value to your business with our on site processing facilities which are all designed to streamline your business and keep you competitive. Here at ASH, we like to consider ourselves as your manufacturing partner.


Windows & Doors:

  • straight line edged timber
  • internal scanned for defects
  • 4 high speed machines to profile your components
  • Ability to supply set length in solid or finger jointed
  • Ability to laminate or engineer thicker or wider sections
  • Ability to finger joint longer or set length sections up to 7.2m
  • Ability to deeply penetrate a H3 or H2 treatment


  • Pre made components for treads, stringers, risers, posts, handrail, landings and winder blocks to name a few.
  • Sanded to 80 grit (180 grit available)
  • Docked to length components
  • H3 treating for external uses
  • Bull nosing or trenches for risers
  • Member of the GLTAA which ensures quality laminating


  • laminated table tops and bench tops
  • straight line edged timber (so you don’t have to straighten it)
  • Ultrasound check for internal defects and less guess work
  • Set length components in laminated or solid
  • Sanding and shrink wrapping
  • Full range of width and thicknesses in all grades


  • Straight line edged timber
  • Internal scanned
  • Full size range
  • Available throughout Australia
  • Laminating and finger jointing available
  • 4 high speed moulders available for profiling


  • 4 high speed moulders working 16 + hours a day
  • Hundreds of profiles on site to choose from
  • Custom profiles produced to order
  • Partnership with small moulding producer to supply small mouldings package
  • Available in laminated and or finger jointed sections for increased stability and better use of resource.

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