Wood Solutions mid-rise timber building design guide

By October 10, 2016 December 12th, 2018 News page

To all industry professionals out there… are you keeping up with the latest changes to the National Construction Code (NCC)? Well, The Mid-rise Timber Buildings Technical Design Guide #37 from Wood Solutions will make it a whole lot easier!

This guide was created to ‘help design and building industry professionals realise the full benefits from the recent changes to the National Construction Code’.

Earlier this year, the National Construction Code was updated to allow the use of timber construction systems under the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Provisions for several different classes. The changes also included fire and sound considerations, which is clearly specified in the guide.

The guide, is quite simply a comprehensive document that’s easy to read, on meeting the requirements of the NCC.

Eileen Newbury, National Marketing and Communications of Forest and Wood Products Australia said “…this is the first series of guides we will be publishing to assist them to understand the Performance Requirements, the available design options and to make the transition to using the new timber systems as efficiently as possible”.

Download your free copy to The Mid-rise Timber Building Technical Design Guide #37 here.

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