As beautiful as it is durable. And guaranteed to perform. That’s IRONASH

Exquisitely beautiful, yes. Affordable, yes. And now – guaranteed externally durable.

New IronAsh uses innovative technology to combine an invisible and unique combination of non-toxic water based additives deep into the core of GoodWood Victorian Ash.

Much more than a surface treatment, IronAsh multiplies your choices.

Treated to H3 classification, IronAsh can now be used in any build to allow the continuous flow of timber design from inside to out. That’s why IronAsh is a great choice for your building project: being able to specify the same wood internally and externally now ensures a seamlessly beautiful finish and absolute customer satisfaction. Plus IronAsh can be easily cut, stained and painted on site.

The IronAsh range covers all aspects of building from window and door joinery, furniture, decking, pergolas, cladding and bearers and joists.


IronAsh gives a beautiful appearance to pergolas that can be stained or painted. Stronger than alternatives, with a longer span than alternatives and less bulky, laminated pergola material is available in sizes: 90 x 45, 120 x 45, 140 x 45, 170 x 45, 190 x 45, 220 x 45, 240 x 45, 290 x 45mm.

Set lengths of 3600, 4200, 4800, 5400, 6000, 6600, 7200mm or random lengths of 2400-5400mm.



One of the most affordable hardwood screens in Australia that is sustainably harvested. Available in random length longs or finger joined set lengths of 1.8, 2.1, 2.4 or 5.4m.

Straight, hard wearing and easy to stain.

Sizes range from 45 x 14, 70 x 14, 70 x 19, 90 x 19, 120 x 19, 140 x 19, 40 x 30, 60 x 30, 80 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 40, 90 x 40


Blonde, strong and hard wearing. IronAsh lets you offer a deck that matches cladding, floors, windows, architraves and cabinetry.

Available in 70 x 19, 90 x 19mm in random length or set length finger jointed of 5400mm.

Image supplied by Valley Windows

Valley - Jane F_190115_0039


Hard wearing, blonde, easy to stain and install.

115 x 19 random 900-5400mm or set length 5400mm finger jointed for extra speedy installation.

Paarhammer windows and doors on a modern home


A timber window is the most energy efficient window available, best performer for comfort and has the lowest energy consumption of any other window material. When you increase the durability of the timber, you greatly increase the lifecycle assessment rating. IronAsh is available in the entire window joinery size range in random lengths or finger jointed set lengths on request.

Bearers & Joists:

We’ve got the opposition stumped. We challenge you to change the way you build a deck. Using an average deck size of 7200 x 4800mm, you will find that IronAsh Bearers and Joists cost less, are quicker to install and perform better than the typical choice of F7 treated pine.

A deck of 7200 x 4800 at 1.0m and over in IronAsh requires 15 stumps which take approx. 3.5 hours to install. Compare this to a F7 treated pine alternative which requires 35 stumps and the time to install rockets to 10 hours and means you have to dig more holes. Not only does IronAsh save time to install, it has double the screw holding ability of pine, and its longer span means you have more space below the deck.

Available in straight sections of:
35, 45 & 70mm thick
90, 120, 140, 170, 190, 220, 240, 290mm wide
3600, 4200, 4800, 5400, 6000, 6600, 7200mm long

We are so sure of new Goodwood IronAsh that we are delighted to offer a 25 year guarantee that it will meet or exceed all Australian H3 standards for exterior timber decay.

Data sheets and user guides will be uploaded on the website. Please contact for any information required before this time.

IronAsh is the result of years of painstaking research by Australian Sustainable Hardwoods and our partners. The Tru-Core treatment that creates this remarkable product has over 15 years history of proven durability in USA with non-durable species for use in railroad sleepers, cladding and windows. Over 2 years of research and development with GoodWood Victorian Ash saw IronAsh registered by the APVMA in December 2014 and listed by CodeMark with a requirement of 20% greater penetration than Australian Standards dictate. Tru-Core is a water-based treatment that includes insecticides to combat pests and azoles to fight decay. It gets deep into the core of the wood so we can machine, profile and dock approved profiles without reapplying.

Over 2 million m³ of wood was given the Tru-Core treatment in 2014

To order IronAsh or become a distributor of this next generation timber, please contact our sales team on

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