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December 16th, 2019

Have you used the Wood Solutions Campus resource?

Sir Francis Bacon once said ‘Knowledge is power’, and how right he was.

With this in mind, Wood Solutions, the world’s leading resource for designing and building with wood, created an online campus for industry professionals to learn from.

The Wood Solutions Campus is ‘a collaboration between Forest & Wood Products Australia and the University of Tasmania’s Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood that aims to provide available-on-demand timber education and skills development opportunities to those who design and build with timber, study related courses or work in Australia’s timber and wood products supply chain’.

There are a number of courses available, these include:

  • Introduction to Building Regulations and Standards
  • Laying Timber Flooring
  • Mid-rise Timber Buildings: Specific Requirements
  • Mid-rise Timber Buildings: Fire, Sound and Non-Habitable Area Requirements
  • Managing Timber’s Moisture Content
  • Timber Grades and Grading
  • Environmental Characteristics of Timber
  • Timber and Wood Properties

Who could use this resource?

Anyone who works directly or indirectly with timber. This could mean you’re planning to design, build or just want to learn more about Australian timber. Check out the available courses here.

If you’re a teacher…
You not only have the Wood Solutions Campus as an online tool and educational resource, but you can also utilise Forest Learning. Forest learning was built by a network of forest educators within the Australian Forest Education Alliance to serve school teachers and educators, children and the public with information about the forest and wood products industry. This resource fits within the Australian curriculum and support delivery through state and territory syllabi.  Take a look at here.

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