GoodWood Victorian ash can be used for floor and wall coverings, furniture, windows and doors and staircase construction just to name a few

Product Versatility

Our GoodWood Victorian ash is arguably the most versatile timber you will find. It can be used inside or out (refer for external use) for floor and wall coverings, furniture, windows and doors, staircase construction, decking and pergolas, claddings and structural components to name a few. Here are some of the reasons why GoodWood is so diverse.

  • Blonde in colour and can be stained or painted to almost any finish
  • Hardwearing so it can be used from high traffic to residential applications
  • The full size range is available which opens scope to each manufacturers creativity
  • Glues and joins well which means finger jointing and laminating are easily performed
  • Long lengths up to 5.4m in solid or 7.2m in finger jointed are readily available
  • Large volumes of each size and grade are readily available for major projects
  • Easy to work with and machines well making moulding a breeze
  • High strength for strong structural applications in smaller end section sizes