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Project / Completed 2016

Breathe Architecture’s ‘Halo House’ bursting with GoodWood Victorian ash

/ By Breathe Architecture
Dianna Snape
Breathe Architecture
Fido Projects
The Space
‘To grow and be nurtured’ – that is, the foundation of this incredible home to accommodate a family of 6.


“the building reads like a geological feature in a landscape, continually evolving with the passing of time, weather and seasons”

This design stemmed from the idea of the ‘Halo Effect’ – ‘a natural phenomenon whereby icebergs act as physical refuge for aquatic organisms while simultaneously releasing nutrients to their surroundings and generating a ‘halo’ of energetic life’.

The creative implementation of the ‘Halo Effect’ was established by Breathe Architecture, a world-class studio that creates architecture to impact housing affordability, accessibility, and sustainability. Their philosophy is to ‘approach the built environment from a holistically sustainable perspective, attempting to reconcile ecological and social design impacts within the current economic climate’.

The Halo House is the epitome of an Australian modern family home. Breathe Architecture explained “the building reads like a geological feature in a landscape, continually evolving with the passing of time, weather and seasons”. The design represents a ‘breath of fresh air’, using light and natural materials to create a warm and nurturing home.

Limewashed Victorian ash was used throughout the interior to add to the Nordic aesthetic and is a true indication of how timber can be matched to add cohesiveness to a design. GoodWood Victorian ash was used for the wall cladding, double-glazed sliding door, floorboards, bench top and veneers (supplied by Briggs). GoodWood offers consistency and quality to the Australian hardwood market, it is often used because of its ability to match and takes stains extremely well. Find out more about how Goodwood is a unique offering here.


“Staying true to the overarching design concept, a clean, simple and robust materials palette, taking cures from Nordic design, features Victorian ash timbers, natural concrete, painted recycled brick and raw brass”

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