Regrowth Victorian Ash Correction Values


As many of you are aware, Australian Sustainable Hardwoods only use sustainably harvested regrowth Victorian Ash.

While the benefits are widely known there are some changes you should be made aware of – such as the corrections for various resistance type moisture meters.

In 2003 the CSIRO completed a study and released a report detailing their findings

The introduction to the report read as follows:

“Electrical moisture meters are a critical tool used by the timber industry to monitor kiln drying, and to assess the final moisture content (MC) of dried timber products. High quality drying with timber at a uniform MC, appropriate for the in-service conditions, is vital if expensive in service ‘movement’ problems are to be avoided. The standard procedure for measuring MC is to cut a small sample of timber and dry it in an oven with accurate temperature control. This process is both destructive to the timber and can take a considerable amount of time. Moisture meters provide a means of instantly estimating the MC% that would otherwise be obtained using the oven dry method. While the fundamental relationships between the electrical properties measured and the MC of the timber are strong, there are many other factors that can affect the measured electrical property. Some of these factors are known and easily accounted for, while others are less well understood or poorly accounted for.

For many commercial species the calibration of meters for particular species has been questioned in recent years, particularly with changing timber resources from old growth to regrowth being available to industry. This project seeks to establish appropriate protocols and new corrections for the hardwood industry to use meters with greater confidence.”

The attached moisture correction factor sheet should be downloaded, printed and kept in a place where you can refer to when needed.

Download moisture correction factor sheet


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