STAIRS with GoodWood Victorian Ash timber staircase components are beautiful, warm, strong and hard wearing. Because of their natural blonde tones they have the ability to be stained to any colour which means they can match any floor or decor.

Victorian Ash/Australian Oak timber used in GoodWood laminated products are sourced locally from regrowth forests.



  • Stability – visually graded kiln dried hardwood – dimensionally stable.
  • Strength & Straightness – High strength to weight ratio enabling flexibility in design.
  • Impact resistance – laminated GoodWood with a high izod reading of 18-20 joules has the ability to absorb high impact loads.
  • Fire resistance – large sections have a high fire resistance and char but still maintain their structural integrity for a long period of time.
  • Readily available in standard components or custom sized components to encourage creative design.
  • E-0.
  • Low embodied energy.

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