The Future Of Woodworking

By February 11, 2019 News page

In the era of co-working spaces and share desks, a new option for woodworkers just opened up in Melbourne’s north-east called ‘The Shed‘. Here you’ll find hot desks or permanent spots for all timber enthusiasts.

Open to novice carpenters and full time woodworkers, The Shed is making woodworking accessible to everyone. Owner Dan Sleeman opened The Shed doors in June 2018 after finding it difficult to continue his hobby in share houses and apartments.

The warehouse comprises of 9 large work benches, power tools like a drop saw, table saw, jointer and drill press. Essentially, any wood workers dream! Melbournians can hire a bench for only $95 a week or $70 a day (if you only need the space for a day or two).

“For the most part I see it as being something for hobbyists who want to learn the craft… It’s a place where they can experiment on the weekend and just dabble” as added by Dan.

Not only is The Shed providing a space for wood workers to develop their skills, they’re also running casual classes like “Woodworking for Fun” and workshops to teach you more about the art of furniture making.

Pieces of GoodWood Victorian ash fill the racks at The Shed

The Shed is a great initiative and a positive sign for what is to come in bespoke timber carpentry and furniture. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any of The Shed’s projects using Victorian ash!

Interested? Take a look at The Shed options here.