Timber Cladding: Durable & Visually Stunning

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) has exceptional timber cladding solutions for your next project, in both commercial and residential builds. We infuse a deep penetrating H3 treatment into GoodWood Victorian Ash to create IRON ASH, a visually stunning timber that is perfect for the environmentally conscious. Durable and guaranteed to perform, IRON ASH is perfect for external applications.

Whether you’re about to embark upon your own renovation journey, or you’re sourcing timber for your builder or architect, we deliver quality IRON ASH hardwood cladding that will last the test of time.

Why Use Timber For Cladding?

Whether you’re attracted to the aesthetic appeal of timber or the increasing demand for sustainable products, timber is becoming an increasingly popular choice for external cladding. Functional and cost effective, as well as being strong and durable but light weight, excellent to work with and install – it is easy to understand why timber cladding has grown in popularity amongst homeowners and architects alike. A visually captivating choice for both residential and commercial properties, timber cladding offers numerous benefits to your property.

If you’re looking for a cladding material that is both innovative and versatile in its design, then IRON ASH is the ideal choice. Available in random lengths or finger joined set 5.4m lengths, timber cladding can be installed horizontally, vertically or with creative angles depending on the look you are trying to achieve. You are also able to apply a variety of stains to achieve your design requirements or you can simply take advantage of the natural blonde coloured hardwood if you prefer. This can be easily refinished depending on changes in trends or your own personal taste. Seamlessly integrate timber finishing’s throughout your entire home, and create a flow of timber from inside to the outdoors.

In the 21st century, sustainability is another major factor when it comes to materials for your new home. Timber for external cladding is ideal for those who are environmentally conscious. Not only is timber a 100% renewable resource, but it also has a low embodied energy/carbon factor. When combined with the right insulation, timber can also help your home to become far more energy efficient and help you maintain comfort levels within a home.Iron ash cladding in Mt Martha home

Why Do We Recommend IronAsh?

We believe it is paramount that the timber used for external cladding is both durable, and beautiful.

Our IronAsh is the perfect symbiosis of these characteristics.

 Other than the flexibility in the lengths available, it is straight, easy to work with and nail.. Other benefits include:

  • Water Based, non toxic treatment
  • Stains exceptionally Well
  • Insect Protection
  • Consistent Colour
  • Sustainable re-growth
  • H3 Durable
  • Very Strong
  • Low Embodied Energy

Find out more information about IronAsh.Iron Ash cladding in McKimm project