Here’s your chance to buy local hardwood direct!

The Retail and Trade Sales Day will be held on the first Saturday of EVERY month. The next trade day is:
Sat 6th of October 2018, 8:00am – 12noon
Located at our manufacturing facility on Weir Road, Heyfield.
Cash and card only!

Sale items and specials listed below. Stock list may vary:

SIZE Product description Volume PRICE (includes GST) Lengths
112×112 Laminated posts untreated 15 @ 2.7m $145/each 2.7m
112×112 Laminated posts IronAsh H3 outdoor use 15@2.7m $155/each 2.7m
997×32 Select grade table tops 12@2.7m $300/each 2.7m
997×32 Select grade table tops 9@2.4m $270/each 2.4m
215×32 Laminated select grade 12@2.7m $45/each 2.7m
65×65 Select table legs 0.9m $12.00/each 0.9m
65×65 Select table legs 1.2m $15.00/each 1.2m
133×12 V JOINT Lining 261m $5.30/metre random
997×42 Select grade table tops 1@2.5m $390/each SOLD
600×32 JARRAH bench tops – std grade 1 only at 2.4 $140/each 2.4m
997×33 Utility grade table tops 8@2.4m $160/each 2.4m
997×33 Standard grade table tops 9@2.4m $220/each 2.4m
100×50 Sawn Merch “Farmers packs” Random $550/pack random
600×26 Utility bench tops 13@2.1 $40/each 2.1m
285×43 Stair treads STD grade laminated 36@0.93m $34/each 930mm
600×26 Bench tops Alpine Oak 5@1.8m $60/each 1.8m
969×33 Standard grade table tops 2@2.4m $190/each 2.4m
641×33 Select grade bench tops 13@1.8m $130/each 1.8m
65×32 Internal battens std grade finger jointed 442m $3.90/each random
290×62 Select grade stair treads 5@1.8m $70/each 1.8m
1211×43 F17 grade bench tops 4@0.9m $80/each 0.9m
600×33 Silver top benches – limited addition 7@2.4m $150/each 2.4m
190×19 Laminated STD grade stair risers 18@0.93m $10/each NOW $8 each 0.93
427×19 Std grade shelving 24@0.72m $22/each NOW $20 each 0.72m
1211×43 F17 grade bench tops 10@1.8m $200/each 1.8m
300×66 Alpine Oak work bench tops 6@2.0m $95/each NOW $65 2.0m
600×33 Large Chopping boards $10/each
285×43 Small Chopping boards $5/each
641×33 Std grade bench tops 6@3.6m $260/each 3.6m
150×38 Sawn mixed hardwood shorts 1 pack left $250/pack
720×33 Utility grade panels 2@1.8m $30/each 1.8m
720×33 Utility grade panels 1@1.5m $25/each 1.5m
720×33 Utility grade panels 2@1.2m $20/each 1.2m
900×33 Utility grade table tops 3@2.1m $105/each 2.1m
65×19 Single bevel architrave 111@2.2m $9/each 2.2m
105×19 Iron Ash H3 treated cladding 74@5.4m $45/each 5.4m
410×70 Laminated posts STD grade 2@1.5m $90/each 1.5m
356×33 Laminated shelving or seating 3@1.3m $35/each 1.3m
720×33 laminated table tops select only 2@1.8m $120/each 1.8m
600×33 STD grade tops 14@2.4m $140/each 2.4m
140×45 F17 supalam beams untreated 60@5.4m $65/each 5.4m
Kiln dried slab bar tops 5@3.6m $120/each 3.6m
900×33 Utility Table Tops 18@2.4m $120/each 2.4m
85×19 Std grade flooring 494 metres $5.75/metre random
90×35 F17 30@1.8m $90/pack 1.8m
190×45 F17 beams 5@2.7m $45/each 2.7m
600×26 Utility bench tops 9@1.8m $35/each 1.8m
600×33 Select grade bench tops 10@1.8m $130/each 1.8m
140×45 Supalam F17 beams Iron Ash H3 22@5.4m $85/each 5.4m
90×45 F17 exterior decking joists Iron Ash H3 47@5.4m $57/each 5.4m
600×33 f/j lam utility 20@2.4m $60/each 2.4m
600×33 The NEW Classic Ash bench top 1@2.4m $195/each 2.4m
190×19 Laminated shelving 110m $13.50/metre random
90×90 Table legs select grade 30@1.2m $45/each NOW $35 1.2m
90×90 Table legs select grade 32@0.9m $34/each NOW $25 0.9m
90×90 Coffee table legs 12@500mm $18/each NOW $15 0.5m
290×70 Chunky stair treads or seats 20@1.5m $60/each 1.5m
1800×1200 Iron Ash H3 outdoor screens 3 LEFT $99/each
1800×600 Iron Ash H3 outdoor screens 15 @ 600mm $50/each
756×26 Utility panels 8@1.8m $50/each 1.8m
240×45 Supalam F17 beams 9@5.4m $110/each 5.4m
240×45 Supalam F17 beams 30@4.2m $85/each 4.2m
120×35 Solid F17 Framing 35@4.5m $25/each 4.5m
90×90 Iron Ash H3 Veranda Posts 17@3.0m $100/each 3.0m
190×45 F17 Supalam beams 35@5.4m $90/each 5.4m
70×35 Solid F17 framing studs 96@2.7m $8/each 2.7m
90×45 Supalam F17 beams 70@5.4m $40/each 5.4m
90×45 Supalam F17 studs 89@2.7m $20/each 2.7m
190×45 Supalam F17 beams Iron Ash H3 14@5.4m $110/each 5.4m
115×40 Face laminated pencil round select grade 340lm’s WAS $16.00/lm NOW $8.00 random
240×45 Supalam F17 beams Iron Ash H3 10@5.4m $150/each 5.4m
112×19 Paint grade internal door jamb sets 2.35m 38 sets $35 per set 2.35m
285×33 Alpine Oak stair stringers/seating or shelving 18@5.4m $120/each 5.4m
90×35 Framing studs 114 at 2.65m $280 the lot
90×35 Framing studs 114 at 2.35m $250 the lot
140×45 Solid F17 beams 32@3.3m $39/each 3.3mm
641×33 Select grade coffee table tops 16@1.2m $90/each 1.2m
495×19 Alpine oak panels 4@3.6m $165/each (now $120) 3.6mm
190×15 Engineered flooring – limited edition finish 2.89m2 per box $70/m2 1.9m
1170×30 Table tops – F17 visual grade 5@2.6m $270/each 2.6m


For more information regarding this sales day, call the enquiry line on 03 5139 7070.

To view projects using our timber, visit the gallery here.