Introducing an excited sneak peak into our new ‘Wandocka’ product range!

Adopting the local Aboriginal name this range is created by selecting the short, narrow boards which are full of character and finger joining/laminating them into a flitch.
We then run them through our band saw to achieve a back sawn look in any size we want, before profiling.

This produces a very long, stable and straight product which is full of life and can be bought in set length longs of 5.4m.

Early interest suggests we will be producing:
120×12 lining at 5.4m
165×19 plain end flooring at 5.4m
285×43 treads & stringers at 5.4m
280×66 treads at 5.4m
630×43 panels at 2.7m or 5.4m.

Wandocka hardwood will take all paint and stains very well, is hard wearing, easy to work with and easy to install due to longer length availability.

Make contact with our sales team to be one of the first to get your hands on a sample.