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CH House design featuring Goodwood Victorian Ash timber windows and doors by Wellard Architects in Melbourne, Australia

Timber windows and doors made from Goodwood Victorian ash are arguably the best on the market.

Perfect for traditional style homes or architectural masterpieces, GoodWood timber windows and doors are naturally hard-wearing, strong, energy efficient and visually stunning.


Deeply connected to the environment, local hardwood timber window and door frames are quintessentially Australian.
There is something everlasting, warm and uplifting about featuring beautiful timber in a residence or project. Goodwood Victorian ash is straight line edged after drying, has minimal pink colouring, is internally scanned for defects and is available either as solid timber or finger-jointed material.
Available in two appearance grades, our timber window frames look great painted but are often stained to showcase their beautiful timber grain.

Interior view of custom built Goodwood Victoria Ash timber window and door frames installed in the Balnarring House by Valley Windows in Victoria, Australia.

Locally Sourced

GoodWood Victorian Ash timber used for window and door frames is PEFC certified and is sourced locally from regrowth forests.

Rough sawn Goodwood Victorian Ash timber, solid boards without laminations at the factory in Victoria, Australia


Many Australian homes that have stood for more than 100 years feature stunning Victorian ash timber windows. Approximately 20,000 cubic metres of Victorian Ash is sold into the local window market every year.
Some of Australia’s best window manufacturers use and recommend our timber: these include Paarhammer Windows, Miglas Windows, Highcraft Windows, Aspect Windows, Valley Windows and Binq Windows.
Properties incorporating our hardwood timber in their construction have been able to achieve BAL29 and BAL40 (Bushfire Attack Level) rating.
Archiblox Carbon Positive House in Victoria, Australia features moveable joinery and Goodwood Victoria Ash timber window and door frames


  • Double the hardness of western red cedar.
  • Higher natural BAL rating than cedar or meranti.
  • Excellent thermal and insulation properties superior to other materials like aluminium, steel or concrete.
  • More durable than many other popular timbers in above ground applications.
  • Natural material – renewable, energy efficient and will assist in reducing green-house emissions when swapping with high embodied energy materials.
  • Quarter sawn stability for the most demanding applications.
  • Sustainable regrowth resource.
  • A single-glazed Victorian Ash window will outperform its non-timber competitors for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and insulation (U-Value).
  • Being a medium density hardwood it is naturally BAL19 (Bushfire Attack Level 19) and a great thermal insulator.
  • It is also more stable, straight and dent resistant than most timber windows, consistent in colour, and does not have knots.
  • Strong nail and screw holding ability (great for security)
  • Can be stained and painted to match any design within your home.

Visually stunning Goodwood timber door frame featured in the Miglass showroom in Montrose, Victoria



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