Strength Reliability and Performance

GoodWood SUPA 17™ hardwood timber is a range of seasoned hardwood structural products manufactured from A17 grade Victorian Ash. Visually stress graded in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 2082, SUPA 17™ is externally audited to ensure product compliance and is ideal where high strength to weight ratio is required.


  • Bearers
  • Counter beams
  • Floor joists
  • Hanging beams
  • Intermediate beams
  • All truss applications
  • Lintels
  • Rafters
  • Strutting beams
  • Wall studs
  • Underpurlins

Features and Benefits

  • Straightness
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Lenghts
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sustainable, AFS/PEFC ceritifed resource
  • Cost efficiency
  • Easy handling – pencil round edges
  • Ready availability
  • Lyctus resistant
  • Treated H2 & H3 or untreated

Rigorous external quality audits, greater spanning and nail holding ability makes GoodWood SUPA 17™ hardwood timber superior to traditional F17 and LVL.


Complies with the following Australian Standards

AS2082 – 2007 Visually stress graded hardwood for structural purposes
AS1604.1 – 2010 Specification for preservative treatment/sawn and round
AS1684.2 – 2010 Residential Timber Framed construction design criteria
AS – NZ4063 – 2010 Timber stress graded in grade strength and stiffness evaluation

Joint Group

GoodWood SUPA 17 hardwood timber has a Joint Group and Strength Group classification of JD3 and SD3.

H2 Tru-Core Treated

Approved for use throughout Austraia including the Tropic of Capricorn.

  • Non toxic, red treatment colour
  • Pyrethoids, Treated to H2 as per AS 1604.1 2010
  • Suitable for both interior and protected above ground applications
  • Available in solid up to 5.4m (See Supalam for longer lengths)
  • Dressed sizes, straight lined edge
  • Lengths from 900mm – 5.4m in 300mm increments
  • 35mm and 45mm dressed pencil round
  • Window sills available in H3

Dressed Sizes


Width (mm) Thickness(mm)
Width (mm) 70 90 120 140 170 190 220 240 290
Thickness(mm) 35

Where can I buy Victorian Ash Structural timber? click one of the following links:


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  • Gerrry says:

    Can Vic ash be used as Facia boards?

    • ASH says:

      Vic Ash can be used as facia in 2 ways.
      1 – in the upcoming H3 treated clear – which will make it super durable externally
      2 – in untreated providing you are prepared to paint every year or two. without this, the appearance will deteriorate

  • Michael says:

    Where can I buy your product in brisbane QLD? Bunnings used to stock but no longer