The cheapest hardwood stair in Australia?


Looking for a budget hardwood staircase? You’re not alone…

The innovative ALPINE OAK product range continues to expand into furniture and DIY markets – not surprising considering market acceptance and convenient time savings offered. Accelerating installation time and reducing cost, the range has organically landed in the commercial staircase game.

ALPINE OAK stair components are up to significantly cheaper than traditional (hardwood) staircases – without sacrificing quality. They are straight, strong, hard wearing, flexible in design and excellent to stain. Available in 5.4m lengths of stringers, treads and risers – they reduce waste too. This makes them great for large commercial projects where price is key and is exactly why the ‘Man Cave Development’ (and others) have commenced hundreds of ALPINE OAK stair builds.

If you think you have a commercial project where ALPINE OAK stair components could be used – take a look at the ALPINE OAK range, ask us for a sample and see for yourself.


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